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   What is 90 Second Beer Review? 

90 Second Beer Review was created to bring information about craft beer to the public. 

We work to...

Help craft beer drinkers find beers they'll love

Promote the craft beer industry

Provide beer education

We love beer, the people who make it,  and the people who drink it!


Ryan Cummings, Co-Founder

Ryan discovered his love of craft beer in the late 2000's.  Initially drinking wheat and amber beers, Ryan's palate began to expand, frequently looking for new and unique beers.  In his spare time, he devotes his efforts to understanding the brewing and tasting process.  Born and raised in Long Island, NY; Ryan has experienced the evolution of craft beer in the United States, specifically in the New York area, developing the ability to incorporate a brewery visit into nearly any activity.

Howard Sider, Co-Founder

Howard started his exploration of the craft beer universe on the hopped-up bitter-bomb IPAs of the 2000's and quickly branched out from there. After a brief attempt at homebrewing he realized he was much better at drinking and talking about beer than he was at brewing it! Currently based in Durham, NC (but born and raised in Brooklyn, NY) Howard has been excitedly exploring all that the Southeast beer community has to offer and also regularly incorporates brewery visits into his travels. 


Jack (right) and Mookie (left) are an important part of the staff at 90 Second Beer Review. They help us confirm the dog friendliness of the breweries we review and serve as models for many of our instagram posts. Fortunately, we can pay them with room, board, and the occasional treat.  

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