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How to Send Us Beer

Want beer from your brewery or a brewery in your area to be featured on 90 Second Beer Review? Here's how!

  • Search our Beer Review database (under "Reviews" on the website menu) to make sure the beer(s) you're planning to send hasn't already been done! 

  • E-mail us at to coordinate your shipment and get the appropriate mailing address. 

  • Pack the box well with plenty of bubble wrap or other protective material to ensure the beer arrives in good shape!

  • Make sure to provide tracking information for your shipment

  • Include your Instagram account name so we can tag you!

Some general guidelines for a good beer submission:

  • Must be from a commercial brewery (unfortunately we aren't accepting homebrew submissions at this time)

  • Beer must be appropriately packaged for distribution (cans/bottles are best as they maintain the quality of the beer better than crowlers, growlers, etc.)

    • Note: For heavily fruited beers please make sure you're either shipping during a cooler time of the year or making sure the package is kept cool in transit, we don't want any refermentation porch bombs!​

  • Make sure the beer is fresh! (For IPAs and any other hop forward beers we would ideally like to have them in hand within 30 days of packaging as hop flavors/aromas degrade quickly, for all other beers we would prefer it to be within 30 days but can consider on a case by case basis depending on beer style)

  • All beer styles are great but those with unique ingredients, a cool story, etc. make for even better content!

We can't guarantee that every beer we receive will be featured due to time constraints and our content schedule but we'll do our best! 

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