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Our Review Methodology

...or how we think about what we drink

Here at 90 Second Beer Review we review beers to help you, the craft beer drinker, know what to expect when you crack open that can or bottle. Our goal is to help you find the right beer, beer style, or brewery for you! When reviewing a beer we consider a number of factors including: overall impressions of the flavor/aroma/appearance, whether the beer stays true to the style, and whether or not the descriptors on the packaging line up with what the beer is (e.g. if it's marketed as a pumpkin beer and you can't taste any pumpkin, that's a problem). There are so many options out there in the craft beer universe these days we want to help make sure that when you spend your money on a beer you're getting something you like or at least something that lines up with what was marketed on the packaging. 


Our review system is a recommendations based system. We understand that for many followers having a numerical rating on a beer helps contextualize the review and makes understanding the review/recommendation a bit easier. Our numerical rating is purely driven off of our recommendation so to help clarify the process please find below an outline of what number a recommendation would roughly correlate to:


- 5 = Incredible beer, when available we'll always be purchasing that beer, a must have in our fridge

- 4.5 = A great beer, we would always drink it and the kind of beer you would wait in line at a release for.

- 4 = A good beer, one that we would drink and purchase again

- 3.5 = A standard beer, something we might consider drinking again in the right circumstances, unlikely that we would purchase again

- 3 = Something we generally didn't like or didn't at all match up with how it was marketed and wouldn't be drinking or purchasing again but had redeeming characteristics (I.e., the flavor was off but the mouthfeel and body were enjoyable). 

- Less than 3 = varying degrees of undrinkable beers, drain pours, possibly contaminated beer.


From time to time we've also received questions on why our ratings tend to skew towards the higher end of the spectrum. That mostly is a result of how selective we are in the beers we drink/review, being aware of our own tastes/preferences, and having a good idea of which breweries are making good products. Just like you're probably doing at home we want to choose beers, breweries, and styles that we enjoy drinking and talking about!


For any questions on our rating methodology please contact us via our "Contact Us" page or our Instagram or Facebook pages! Cheers! 

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